The new reference point

For many, the E-117 Tri Disc is the obvious choice for their first dedicated triathlon bike. And since aspiring triathletes don’t always come from a cycling background, disc brakes provide increased confidence as they dial-in their TT position. The E-117 Tri Disc will also prove to be a great choice for more experienced triathletes eager to own a reasonably priced triathlon bike which they can build up by investing in race-day spec of their choice, such as high-end carbon wheels.

  • Confident handling Ideal for those considering their first dedicated tri bike, or new to the TT position.
  • Disc brakes Already known for its superb handling, the addition of disc brakes to the E-117 adds increased confidence, additional clearance for overall comfort (28C), and the added stiffness of thru-axles.
  • Versatile and adjustable fit Highly adjustable open cockpit allows for choice aerobar, and aero carbon seatpost offers an adjustable offset.
  • 3D system Our 3D system extends fit options with three head tube heights for every frame size, easily accommodating athletes as they dial-in their position.
  • Simplicity and convenience No proprietary integration makes the E-117 Tri Disc easy to ride, easy to travel with, and easy to maintain. Ready for all storage needs, including toptube, downtube and rear hydration mount.
  • Wheel changes made easy The addition of disc brakes makes wheel changes easier, as there are no brake adjustments to make and no brake pads to swap when switching to race-day carbon wheels.