Our relentless quest for the perfect ride

For us a perfect ride begins with a layup that integrates the optimal balance of weight, comfort and stiffness performance points. Then we add a few more criteria, like a club ride that pushes the pace and nails the climbs, maybe a rough section to reach that perfect view, a few technical twists and turns on a long descent, and a full day to max out the miles. We made the Krypton Pro for this: a no-compromises bike that’s stable at speed, responsive under big watts, smooth after a full day in the saddle, and meant for cyclists who want to ride, ride, and ride. Informed by Astana Pro Team at Paris-Roubaix and ready to meet the demands of La Marmotte and L’Étape, the Krypton Pro may re-write the story of the perfect ride. 

  • Layup optimization 870g through new layup development to optimise placement and selection of carbon fiber (medium, painted frame).
  • The right material in the right place By studying endurance-specific load cases we oriented material precisely where needed to maximise vibration dampening, without losing efficiency in power transmission. This let us eliminate excess weight where not required.
  • Functional interation Fully integrated cockpit with proprietary steerer for accurate routing and fully hidden cables, but designed for user-friendly maintenance and travel prep. Allows a 2cm adjustment range of stack and reach without having to bleed the brakes.
  • Tailored fit for all riders Prioritises a tailored fit for all riders, with stem lengths from 70-120mm, and our 3D+ system which extends the headtube with three positioning options. This increases rigidity by 5% at 15mm and 11% at 30mm, versus traditional spacers.
  • Optimised for electronic shifting Optimised for electronic shifting (Di2, eTap, EPS, WE) but can also accept mechanical groupsets through our modular console.